01 Sep

What is Win64/Sirefef.AP and How do I Manually Remove It?

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It is almost impossible to stop your computer system becoming infected, and Win64/Sirefef.AP is a Trojan that you never want your computer system to become infected with, please contact Tee Support 24/7 online PC experts for help once infected.

Win64/Sirefef.AP Description

Win64/Sirefef.AP is a dangerous Trojan that is going to not only cause you computer hell but also result in your computer not functioning at all. It will compromise an infected computer in a few ways. First of all, this bug downloads harmful files on to a system it infected, and then it opens a backdoor for remote access to your computer to become an easy task for potential attackers. The hackers utilize this bug to fulfill a lot of operations such as keystroke logging, data theft, modification or deletion of files. Just like the previous Win64.zaccess.BT virus, this pest uses a number of sourcing channels to spread itself. For example, it can be installed through software bundling, instant-messaging network, email attachments, websites containing executable content, etc. It isn’t surprised if Win64/Sirefef.AP will redirect your search page to a malicious and predefined website which will only result in negative symptoms. Win64/Sirefef.AP will proceed to actually modify your system registry as well as create entries in it in order to run when Windows starts up.

It’s annoying to be with Win64/Sirefef.AP

Win64/Sirefef.AP is dangerous. Remove it immediately

The activities of Win64/Sirefef.AP may certainly lead to violation of your privacy and the information stored on your computer. All of this may take place if your workstation yields a hardly perceptible intrusion of the Trojan. Once infected with it, your personal information would be recorded and sent to a presupposed attacker, such as confidential data, login numbers and so on. Worse still, it can also hide itself by coming to a system through the use of application exploits. Win64/Sirefef.AP can easily resist the interrogation of security products, and it can continue damaging your system for a very long time. It shows that the creators of this Trojan are eager to infect as many users as possible, so if happen to have this pest in your computer, terminate the Trojan as soon as you can, and the best thing that you can do is to remove Win64/Sirefef.AP upon detection.

Video guide to get rid of Win64/Sirefef.AP

Use Listed Instructions Below to Remove Win64/Sirefef.AP

A. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager go to the Processes tab. Find out the processes of Win64/Sirefef.AP, then right-click it and choose End Process key.

B. Click Start button and select Run, type regedit into the box and click OK to proceed (or Type regedit in the search bar in Windows Vista/7). The Registry Editor would be opened.

C. Search for the registry key like “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Win64/Sirefef.AP“. Right-click this registry key and select Delete.

D. Find out the associated file like “%PROGRAM_FILES%\Win64/Sirefef.AP” and delete it manually.

Since some files might be hidden or may get reanimated automatically afterwards, the manual removal of Win64/Sirefef.AP threat is a cumbersome process and may damage the system if something goes awry, so we strongly recommend you to ask Online Virus Removal Expert for help.

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