24 Jun

Help to Remove GADGETBOX from IE, Firefox & Google Chrome – How to Remove search.gboxapp.com Virus

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Does GADGETBOX hacked your IE, Firefox and Chrome? Are your browser homepage is replaced by search.gboxapp.com? Do you have difficulties to restore Google homepage? This post sponsored by a team of experts will help you get rid of search.gboxapp.com virus safely and quickly.

GADGETBOX / search.gboxapp.com Virus Details

At first look, search.gboxapp.com with a GADGETBOX logo at the upper-right corner, is a search engine with an undramatic fashion as most widely-used ones like Google, Yahoo or Bing. However, it must be the poorest search engine you once met with its low-relevant search results. What makes it prominent is the browser hijacker virus which you probably heard of before and also a good metaphor. Such malicious programs are generally bundled with untested freeware or shareware. When the careless users configure such applications without keeping an eye on the check boxes and leaving some unchecked, the parasites gain the opportunity. Usually they don’t realize the virus infection until a series of strange phenomena turn up on the machine.  As a high-tech virus, search.gboxapp.com will by no means be satisfied with scrappy distortion of malfunction as shown in its initial phase. With the original purpose of making money with pay-per-click campaign, such adware is insatiable to make profits. An unstable and totally compromising system will be undoubtedly perfect. And the general trend to invite more parasites proves such vicious sub-purpose. Besides, the pest is very stubborn and capricious enough for the antivirus program to trace with. Unless there goes the tough measure to completely remove search.gboxapp.com virus, will the pest stop wrecking havoc on the infected computer. Read More