08 Sep

Fake FBI Warning Return Again?Not Exactly the Same as Before!Read and Rescue Yourself!

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Your machine is locked down and shows a message that seems like to come from FBI stating that your infringement of laws by improper pc practices make you faced with fines and imprisonment?That’s nonsense, please do not hesitate to ignore it and read, find a way out by following the steps below or ask Tee Support agents 24/7 online for professional help.

Know Something about Fake FBI Warning

Fake FBI Warning backs again but with a different interface, however it does the same thing to fool victims to fall into the scam for money-oriented purpose. Once it resides within your system shortly after you visit some suspicious websites or download some free programs, it’ll lock your machine and  frighten you that you have broken laws, all that criminal behaviors on this computer have been recorded by FBI by means of resolving your IP address and the associated hostname, including  some programs or copyrighted materials download from illegal websites, and possession of illegally downloaded material. To make it more authentic, it  claims a webcam, videos and pictures are used and saved for identification and lists specific articles that you are supposedly breached, horrifying you that your computer may be  confiscated and you are going to be punished with  a penalty of up to 3 years’ imprisonment. Please stop your panic if you are asked to hand in fines of $200  through GreenDot Moneypak for unlocking your machine and avoidance of punishment stated above. Keep rational and take actions now, if you have any questions during the procedure of following steps, please start a live chat with Tee Support agents 24/7 online for help.

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