30 Dec

Reasons Computer Keeps Restarting- How To Fix Guide

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Your computer keeps restarting automatically? The following will tell you some possible reasons why your PC keeps rebooting and then provide you the How-To-Fix Guide according to your concrete situations. If you have any problem during the fix process, please contact Tee Support agents 24/7 online for more detailed instructions.

(1)    Your PC may keep restarting due to the following software reasons:

1.       Virus/Trojan/Malware reason

If your PC keeps rebooting without any alert, it is possible that your PC has been infected. Some malicious malware software will keep restarting your PC without your permission. The latest viruses of this kind are HDD virus series. Trojans may be more terrible than viruses. The computer hackers may control every action on your PC via Trojan so it is not surprising that your PC will be restarted by hackers.

How To Fix Guide: In such a case,  you will need to update your antivirus software to fight against the latest viruses/Trojans/maicious malware. Sometimes,  if the tricky virus can escape your security tools, manual virus removal  is necessary. Tee Support is a legitimate company to  help computer users to fix their various PC problems. If you feel hopeless to remove the virus infections on your PC, you may contact the online Tee Support PC experts for solutions.

2.       Damaged or missing system files reason

Sometimes if some important system on your computer are damaged, your operating system won’t be able to complete the startup procedure and then forces to restart. For example, a basic system file called KERNEL32.DLL is damaged or missing due to certain reasons, your PC will keep rebooting.

How to Fix Guide: If possible, you can replace the damaged or missing system files. You can find the wanted files from your installation disk or you may download the files from the internet. The other solution is to reinstall your operating system.

3.       Timing software or work plan software reason

If you have set restart schedules on your timing software or work plan software, your computer will restart automatically when the schedule time comes.

How to Fix Guide: you can follow these steps: click Startup menu-> click Run -> type: msconfig and  then press Enter key -> check whether there are timing software item on your startup.

(2)    Your computer may keep restarting due to the following hardware reasons:

1.       The power supply shortage in chassis reason

When you want to play large-sized 3D game which consumes large CPU resources, the CPU will need high power to maintain the smooth performance. Then the PC will need to reboot to recover from overload and it is a way for the PC to protect itself.

How to Fix Guide: you will need to change a higher power supply for your computer.

2.       Memory’s poor thermal stability reason

If your PC’s memory’s thermal stability is poor, you can run your computer smoothly at the beginning and then when the memory is overheating, your PC will restart or freeze up.

How to Fix Guide: you can change the memory.

3.       CPU temperature is too high or cache corruption reason

If your CPU is overheating , the PC will also need to reboot to protect itself. Cache corruption is a common CPU problem. When there is slight damage on cache, you can still use your computer smoothly unless you need to run some larged-sized programs.

How to Fix Guide:  To shield the secondary cache in CMOS (L2) cache or a (L1), or replace your computer’s CPU.

4.       Graphics card or network card loose reason

Sometimes, if your computer’s graphics card or network card is loose, your computer will restart automatically.

How to Fix Guide: you can take your graphics card or network card out and then plug them  into your computer again.

5.       Incompatible external devices reason

For example, if you want to connect your printer which is incompatible to your PC, your computer will reboot as a result.

How to Fix Guide: you may contact your external  devices’ seller to change suitable ones to your PC.

6.       FireWare bug reason

If there is bug  on your FireWare, your PC may reboot suddenly when your PC is reading the CD-ROM drive.

How to Fix Guide:  You may change a CD-ROM drive to fix the problem.

7.       RESET reason

As you know, you can press the RESET button on the PC to restart your computer. If there is problem with your RESET button, your computer reboot again and again.

How to Fix Guide: you can replace the RESET button.

That is all. Hope this How-to-fix Guide will help you to fix computer keeps restarting problem.

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