06 Nov

How to Uninstall vGrabber Program Manually (vGrabber Removal Guide)

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What is vGrabber?

vGrabber is a program that can download and convert videos into many formats. Just like its advertisement, you can play video or audio on the road or on vacation on your MP3, mobile device or laptop. Watch videos without annoying advertisements, captions or other distractions. Convert it to another format and transfer it to many kinds of mobile device including iPod, iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android device, Blackberry, etc. However, if you don’t want to use vGrabber anymore, here are the guides to help you uninstall it.

How to Uninstall vGrabber? Follow the Two Methods Below

The First Method

1> Click “Start” menu, then go to “Control Panel”.

2> Choose “Add or Remove Programs” on Control Panel.

3> Now you can see the “Currently installed programs”, find out “vGrabber” and right-click it, press button “Change/Remove” to uninstall vGrabber.

4> “vGrabber Uninstall Wizard” would pop up, please click “Next” to continue.

5> Click “Uninstall” button, then the uninstallation would start.

6> Once “vGrabber” successfully uninstall from your computer, lick “Finish”.

The second Method

1> Click “Start” menu, then select “All Programs”; find out the folder “vGrabber” and then go to sub folder, click “Uninstall” to start the removal.

2> Then perform the same operations as step 4, 5, 6 as The First Method to uninstall vGrabber.

Friendship Prompt: If you can’t uninstall vGrabber successfully with the methods above, or any issue during the uninstall procedure, please be free to contact Online PC Expert here.

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